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11 mm Elastic Leadder Step Profile standard profiles of PVC: white, beige, black, brown and grey. The profiles consist of an aluminum carrier profile and a PVC lining. The invisible bottom part is made of hard plastic, the anti-skid surface of soft plastic. Properties: The  Welcomeprofile.comstandard profiles were developed for the application in areas which are of reduced use. This includes domestic areas and smaller size offices. The profiles are resistant against chemical stresses which generate during the laying of tiles. Damages by bending or scratching are improbable in case of normal use.

11mm Elastic Ladder Step Profile, Standard profiles made by are especially resistant staircase profiles for the domestic area. They are provided with a complete insert of PVC and have an anti-skid tread surface. This profile is available in five colors. The profiles are tightly imbedded into the lining, the tread surfaces however, can be replaced with the appearance of wear. does not only protect the front edge of the stairs but also visually enhances the staircase.  The following colors are available for the