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22 x 40 Ladder Step Profile


The Aluminium Retro-fit Stairnosing is used on existing tiled stairs to protect the stair tiles from breaking and chipping. It can also be used to cover areas where damage has already occurred. Retro-fit  tair nosing can be fixed onto a wide variety of stair materials.

This Stairnosing is slip resistant, reducing the possibilities of accidents. Depending on the stair material (e.g. tile, carpet, wood, vinyl) various recommended adhesives are used to affix the stairnosing. Available in all the foiled colours as indicated on the colour chart.
Rounded edge termination profile with an anti-slip surface for the insertion of design and carpeted flooring.

  •          Clean, safe and secure terminations for floors or steps.
  •          Various profile cross-sections
  •          Surface exceptionally safe to walk on
  •     Extremely high loading properties