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C Profiles

C Profile has been designed and conceived in still more squared form, with “a quarter of circle. It facilitates the laying process eliminating the fragile ceramic Edge tiles. It’s used for the external Edges of the tiles, in order to terminate the finishing of wall coverings, for platforms, stair steps, bathtubs, etc. It guarantees the impeccable work, ensuring considerable aesthetic effect as well. Thanks to the round finishing it strengthens the tile edge avoiding their chipping and breakages. Required by new European regulations on safety and accident prevention in public and private places. Available in capsules and three-axial joints for internal and external angles, end caps and joints.

With their high loading capacity and secure grip, profiles are ideal for protecting stair edges in any location, indoors or out, in private dwellings, in offices or public buildings. The extra-wide baseiserfectly matched for any height of profile and provides the stairs with additional and durable safety. Available in aluminium high-quality finishes.